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Search engine optimisation (SEO)


Improving your website’s position in search engine results is no longer a dark art.

Google simply want to ensure their search results are highly relevant to the keyword being searched. Through frequent algorithm changes, Google is requiring businesses to improve their websites. It’s now about the relevancy of your content to the user’s search, the experience people have when visiting your site and making sure the code sitting behind your site is created in a way that makes it easy for search engines to understand you.

Our approach to SEO solutions analyses your website and addresses technical issues alongside content and accessibility. We identify crucial keywords, user behaviour and optimise key pages for long term sustainable SEO health that delivers results and your success.

On-page SEO

We start by conducting a full technical audit of your site. Our tried and tested audit address the quality of your website code, sitemaps, meta tags, robots.txt and link structure, to name but a few. We then go about fixing any issues we have found.

Next, we look at your existing website content, making sure it’s fully optimised by addressing issues such as keyword density, internal linking, html tags and images.

Offsite SEO

Backlinks from other sites are still important, but it’s no longer about how many links you have. It’s now about the quality of those links. We conduct a full backlink audit and work on your behalf to approach site to optimise to those links and remove them from sites that may have a negative impact on your SEO or brand principles.

We will also work to help you earn high-quality links from relevant websites with strong authority through a comprehensive content marketing strategy.

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