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Seafood Box Delivery company reduces cost whilst increasing sales


decrease in Cost per click


decrease in cost per conversion


increase in Ecommerce conversion rate


The company launched a brand new website which was aimed at delivering frozen seafood direct to your home.

They initially launched a Google Ads campaign that included a Search and Display Campaigns. At the time of JGM taking over the account, the clients cost was through the roof, with a high cost per lead for the campaign to be cost effective. In addition, the display campaign was bleeding money with no keyword and budget control.



We restructured the existing Google Ads accounts after reviewing the existing keywords and their performance. The new structure deployed Google’s Best Practice and our experience by optimising the account to separate the ‘search intent’ of the visitor.

By restructuring this campaign in this method, it allowed better control of the spend for better budget management.

We also overhauled all the creative to make them more engaging and following these changes, the client spent 26% less compared to the previous period yet yielded revenue at a better cost per conversion consistency and efficiency.

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