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Getting under the skin of Osteoarthritis


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Synexus are a global clinical trials company and as their lead agency one of our primary roles is to recruit patients for their clinical trials by devising integrated campaigns that drive awareness to a range of studies, leading to the conversion of volunteers.

The Osteoarthritis study like all studies begins with us producing an ethics document containing creative concepts, imagery, headlines and copy. This is reviewed by an ethics committee who sign off or make recommendations on the content before we can proceed with our marketing. The clinical trials industry in the UK is highly regulated in terms of the things you can and can’t say about clinical trials when referring to treatment and potential health benefits. Our understanding of these rules and regulations helps us produce a bank of creative elements that are signed off by ethics without delay, allowing us to produce effective communications and campaigns with longevity.



Once ethics had signed off our creative concepts we produced a comprehensive multi-media proposal on how best to deliver our messages. This included everything from large outdoor sites to social media executions. Our combined media and creative strategy ensured effective routes to engage and communicate with our desired audience.

For us to really engage with those suffering Osteoarthritis or lower back pain we needed to fully understand the condition. Our campaign line of 'Getting under the skin of Osteoarthritis' supported by a striking visual helped us deliver our message effectively.
The campaign has also helped drive brand awareness and delivered high quality of patients who want to participate. The overall results of this campaign speak for themselves.

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The JGM team are exceptional at understanding and translating our requirements into campaigns that deliver results on time and within budget.

Bronwyn Cawood-Murphy Head of Patient Engagement, UK
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