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SparkFund is an innovation support and grants programme which exists as the result of the University of Hull securing funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Available only in the Humber, York and North Yorkshire SparkFund can help SMEs to move their business forward through Innovation and Research and Development.

SparkFund were looking for a single supplier to help them re-energise their marketing materials and JGM completed a competitive three-stage tender process to secure the work. Through our initial fact-finding workshop, we discovered that the process of match funding, from concept through to delivery, was quite complex and hard to understand which was putting off potential eligible SMEs. JGM were tasked with clarifying the messaging to increase the quality of enquiries with particular emphasis on the Low Carbon R&D grant.



The concept focuses on a series of video testimonial success stories from local SMEs talking about their experiences in their own words, which builds credibility and highlights what can be achieved with SparkFund investment.

As well as using local business leaders we’ve looked to raise the profile of the SparkFund Innovation Managers. The Innovation Managers are pivotal to the whole process giving the SparkFund a human face which in turn helps build trust and gives people a point of contact when making an enquiry. This is supported by an animated explainer video that simply explains the process of applying for a SparkFund grant every step of the way, helping to clarify the journey. All this content has been used as the foundation for our social content which we are continually promoting and tracking the progress of.

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JGM showed real creativity in their pitch to work with SparkFund.

Their dedication and ingenuity on our project has been a game changer for us. Their multi-platform media approach meant we could engage with specific audiences in a targeted and cost efficient way. Their use of animation and video testimonials has really helped to explain our processes, dispelled any misconceptions and most importantly helps us to tell the amazing success stories that SMEs have achieved thanks to our project. The team at JGM have been an absolute joy to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to any organisation who wants to market their services more effectively.

Pauline Mitchell SparkFund Programme Manager
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