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Bespoke development solutions


The right tool for the job

Through our transparent agile process we recommend the most appropriate and cost effective approach to ensure your budget works as hard as possible.

Our expertise in coding and development with open source technologies such as Node, JavaScript and PHP enable us to develop bespoke solutions to meet business requirements and objectives.

Pattern libraries

Focusing on user experience and interface design, we create pattern libraries in Pattern Lab, Fractal or Astrum. These are a collection of user interface design elements that are essential to maintain consistency, re-usability and maintainability with larger websites, such as those found within the education sector.

TerminalFour, higher education content management

We develop using a range of content management systems from WordPress to headless systems (back-end only). When tasked with creating a bespoke website for our client, Inscape, a private higher education institution, we recommended the right tool for the job, which was TerminalFour. Our approach and methodology to development enabled use to extend this specialist content management system, pairing it with technologies such as Algolia for search.

Laravel, framework for enterprise systems

Our passionate in house development team thrive on creating bespoke systems that solve new challenges. We prefer the Laravel PHP framework, which allows us to keep code flexible, maintainable and modular. This technology toolbox enables us to create custom content management systems, applications, services, application programming interfaces (API) and more. If you have a technical requirement, no matter what – we can offer a solution.

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