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Competitor analysis & guidance


Discover your niche and where to position your company.

In a world of mass competition, there is nothing more important than identifying your competitors. No matter what size company you are, it is vital to know your market, it’s leaders and who you aspire to be like.

At JGM we will get under the skin of your company and using various techniques, map out your strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats to help build your company’s value proposition.

By understanding your vision, we can accurately position you within the marketplace and begin to create a clear roadmap and mission statement for your company. We can then advise on how best to target your audience and utilise tools such as brand styling and emotive language to increase brand loyalty and company growth.

Brand affinity doesn’t happen by accident, it is carefully built from the ground up. We can help you connect with your audience and drive your business forward in the right direction.

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