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Social media marketing


Are you growing your audience, engaging them with your brand and driving traffic to your website?

Social media is an essential part of your marketing mix. These days customers expect to be able to find your business on social media, so it’s important to have strong and active profiles. It can also help improve your rankings in the search engines.

Our comprehensive social media strategies are based on a detailed analysis of your market. We take the time to understand what social media channels your customer use, what makes your audience tick and how they interact with your website. We then work with you to help develop your tone of voice and put in place bespoke strategies to deliver your objectives, whether that be growing your following, brand awareness, website traffic, engagement or sales/leads.

Our social media management services

Our social media packages are designed to help all sizes of business develop powerful social media profiles.

First we conduct a thorough audit of your social media accounts, analysing your activity, results, audience, and financial investments. This helps us find out if your social media efforts are relevant to your current objectives and goals.

We’ll then help you expand your audience and build your reputation online by creating and curating highly shareable content, designed specifically for your target audience. Our social media experts will develop strategies to engage your audience, at the right time, through creative and innovative campaigns. These could include promotions, surveys, competitions, polls, groups or communities.

Community management

Building an engaged audience means you are likely to increase the number of comments and enquiries you will receive, turning social media into a valuable customer communication tool for your business.

Communicating with your audience however can be time consuming so we can manage your community on your behalf, respond to enquiries and pass on valuable leads.

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