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Video & production


Memorable messages

We find videos to be more engaging, more memorable, and more popular than any other form of content out there. Our video production service is used by our clients for all forms of media including TV, social content, introductory online promos, video testimonials and much more.

The Process

Depending on the size of the production, video can be an extensive process that involves many phases. However, we assess the scale of each project and deliver solutions that are fit for purpose.

Following an initial fact-finding meeting, we would begin planning through a range of storyboards. We would then gather any materials and/or equipment for the shoot and cement the budget and time frames for the project. Once confirmed, we would enter the production phase which covers sound, lighting and camera usage. The final stage is post-production which involves retouching and editing the raw files, so the final product is just as envisioned.

What our team will offer

Our video production team will go beyond just creating a video, they will assist you during the entire process of the production, from the start until the desired product is achieved. While working on a time frame that delivers the video before the expected deadline, allowing plenty of time for feedback and amendments where necessary, all accomplished at an affordable competitive price.

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